Friday, April 30, 2010

Information Technology

I’m now a 20 year IT person so have hopefully picked up a skill or two and have a few lessons for others.
Initially working in the Insurance/Superannuation area I eventually started my own company NEMAS in 1996 which tragically imploded with catastrophic results at the end of 2001 with the dotCOM bubble burst.

Since then I moved on to work in the public sector and currently work at the Roads and Traffic Authority of NSW. I’ve also picked up my Masters in IT and am currently employed by the RTA as Manager of Enterprise Architecture which I find fascinating.

The IT focus of the blog covers my particular interests and are not meant to be anything particularly ground breaking, its just a consolidation of information that I find useful as I progress my career. If it adds any value to you then enjoy, if it doesn’t then I guess you can say you got what you paid for.



The adoption stuff relates to my adoption journey as my wife and I look to add to our family through international adoption. This information is usually just references and attitudes to adoption I find in general reading that I think might be of use.

My delightful daughter Lea was adopted from the Philippines in January 2006 at 3 years old. In August 2009 my wife and I adopted our two wonderful son’s Raymie age 4 and JJ age 2 also from the Philippines.

The family blog is at

If you want to support the orphanage they are from go to